avril 18, 2024

Discover the REAL Africa with Zikora Media and Arts

Chika Oduah, an awesome journalist from Nigeria and the United States, wants to change how people see Africa. She created Zikora Media and Arts to show the true beauty of Africa to the whole world.

A new way to see Africa

Chika Oduah noticed that often, the news talks bad about Africa. To show that Africa is great and full of beautiful things, she created Zikora Media and Arts.

Discover African diversity

Zikora has lots of activities to show the real Africa. From stories to read to dances to watch, every thing shows the richness of Africa.

The power of stories

Chika Oduah believes that stories are super important. She thinks that good stories can help people understand Africa better.

The future of Zikora

Zikora wants to do even more in the future. They want to make movies and work with lots of African artists. They want to show true stories that make Africa proud.

Taking control of our story

Chika Oduah thinks that Africans should tell their own story. She says that when Africans show what they love, others will understand Africa better.

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