Discovery of a Statue of Ramses II in Egypt

An archaeological team in Egypt has uncovered a giant part of a statue of King Ramses II, one of the super powerful pharaohs of ancient Egypt. It’s super interesting for understanding ancient history and culture in Egypt.

During excavations in the south of the Egyptian city of Minya, archaeologists discovered a big part of a statue of King Ramses II. This part, made of limestone, is about 3.8 meters high. The statue shows Ramses sitting, wearing a double crown and a helmet with a royal snake on top. On the back of the statue, there are special drawings that talk about the king. Ramses II, also known as Ramses the Great, was one of the most powerful pharaohs of ancient Egypt. This discovery tells us more about the city of El Ashmunein, which was called Khemnu before and was the regional capital of Hermopolis Magna. Archaeologists have confirmed that this part of the statue matches another part found in 1930 by a German archaeologist, Gunther Roeder. Now, archaeologists will clean and prepare the part to put the statue back together.

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