El Gouna : soon to have an awesome Skate Park in Africa!

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Have you heard of El Gouna in Egypt? Well, it’s a fantastic beach resort, and guess what? They’re going to build the largest skate park in all of Africa there! It’s really exciting news!

Orascom Development Egypt (ODE) and Heazy Skate Park are teaming up to make this skate park a great place for kids and young people to have fun skating. They want everyone to be able to join in and have a good time, so that’s really cool!

Construction will start soon, and the skate park is expected to open in 2025. And guess what? It’s just in time for lots of people to come and have fun in El Gouna! It’s really awesome to see places like El Gouna grow and improve.

Orascom Development Egypt (ODE) is doing a great job in Egypt. They’ve already helped build lots of cool things for people to use. And you know what else? They’ve been really successful this year too! That means they’re really doing great work!

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