Laetitia Shines Bright at Miss Philanthropy!

Laetitia Bakoly hisse les couleurs de Madagascar lors du concours. Miss Philanthropy Africa

Laetitia Bakoly Andriatsihoarana, aged 23, represents Madagascar at Miss Philanthropy and wins significant awards, showcasing her talent and kindness!

Laetitia Bakoly Andriatsihoarana, a young girl from Madagascar, is taking part in a beauty contest called Miss Philanthropy. At 23, she’s very talented! Laetitia has won very special awards for her beauty and kindness.

She won in categories where she showed she’s very beautiful and takes amazing photos. She also got other awards for her special talents and for showcasing her country’s culture, Madagascar.

Even though she didn’t win in all categories, Laetitia is very grateful to the people who supported her. She says thank you to everyone who helped and voted for her.

This contest, Miss Philanthropy, encourages young Africans to be kind and help others. Laetitia’s participation shows that she’s not only beautiful but also kind and generous. That’s really special!

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