juillet 18, 2024

Lindt & Sprüngli accused of child labor

The « Rundschau » program by SRF reveals cases of child labor in cocoa plantations in Ghana supplying Lindt & Sprüngli.

Lindt & Sprüngli claims to combat child labor through unannounced inspections. However, out of 8491 visits in 2021, only 87 cases were detected, criticized as « ridiculously few. » Comparisons with other companies, such as Barry Callebaut, highlight shortcomings in surveillance.

The company outsources its prevention program to the Ecom group, with no presence in Ghana. Although Lindt & Sprüngli claims to actively monitor implementation, questions remain about the actual effectiveness of the program.

The issue of child labor is not exclusive to Lindt & Sprüngli but involves the entire industry. This reality underscores the need for concerted action to address this persistent problem affecting the lives of many children in Ghana.

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