avril 18, 2024

Senegal’s rappers stand up to save democracy

Senegalese rappers are using their words and music to make a difference and preserve Senegal’s democracy.

In the super cool world of hip hop in Dakar, rappers aren’t just about making people dance, they’re also champions of change! With elections coming up in Senegal, these rappers want their voices to be heard. Through songs like « Finale, » rap superstars Positive Black Soul are calling out the wrongdoings of the villainous President Macky Sall, who’s trying to cling onto power.

Didier Awadi, the leader of Positive Black Soul, is a bit of a superhero himself! For years, he’s been using his songs to fight villains and stand up for ordinary people. When many were angry with President Macky Sall, Didier and his group wrote a song called « Bayil Mu Sedd, » which was like a secret message saying, « Hey, Macky Sall, stop messing up! »

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