Tutankhamun : a pharaonic adventure for kids in Paris

Embark on a fascinating journey to explore the tomb of the famous pharaoh, Tutankhamun! It’s like a giant escape game on 3000 m² in Paris, open since February 3, 2024. The team behind the exhibitions on Ramses and Tutankhamun at La Villette has created this playful experience. Dive into Egyptian history through puzzles and historical replicas.

Explore the Antechamber, the Annex, the Burial Chamber, and the Treasury of Tutankhamun. Meet characters from the time, such as a hieroglyphics specialist and a mummification expert. Can you find the secret code to access the treasure? The incredible collection features over 1000 carefully reproduced objects and pieces, providing an insight into Egyptian heritage.

This educational and interactive adventure is open for a few months at Galeries Montparnasse, 15th arrondissement, accessible via Montparnasse-Bienvenüe metro station. In an interview with Michel Eli, the producer, he reveals that the idea is to learn while having fun. Explore Tutankhamun’s tomb in XXL with authentic replicas created by Egyptian architects. Meet characters from 1922 who helped discover the treasure. Create your own password after solving the puzzles and discover the treasure chamber. Finally, immerse yourself in a unique room with next-generation LEDs to experience an extraordinary journey inspired by the pharaoh’s vision of the afterlife. An experience not to be missed for learning and fun!

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