Congo : project helps children from mines return to school

In Congo, many children work in cobalt mines, but a special project is helping them leave these dangerous places and return to school. Launched in 2019 and supported by the African Development Bank, this project has already helped over 9,000 children leave the mines and go back to school. It’s fantastic news!

You see, working in mines is very difficult and dangerous for children. They should be in school, learning and having fun with their friends. But unfortunately, many children have to work to help their families. That’s why this project is so important. It helps these children leave the mines and get back to school, where they can learn and play safely.

The project also provides special support to the families of these children. It helps them start agricultural activities so they can earn money in a safer and healthier way. It’s a great idea because it means children can help their families in a safer way, without having to work in mines.

Thanks to this project, many children have received school supplies like backpacks, notebooks, and uniforms. This helps them feel like any other children at school. And guess what? Over 4,000 children have already returned to school thanks to this project. It’s a great success!

This project is a fantastic example of how people can work together to help children. It shows that when we come together, we can do great things and help build a better future for everyone. And that’s exactly what we should do!

So let’s always remember that every child has the right to go to school, play, and grow up safely. And thanks to projects like this one, we can all help make that possible.

So, a big thank you to everyone working on this project and doing their best to help the children of Congo. Together, we’re making a big difference!

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