avril 18, 2024

Death penalty returns to Congo

@Amnesty international

The Congolese government has decided to bring back the death penalty after a 20-year break. Many people find this decision worrying.In Congo, something big just happened: the government said they’re going to start punishing people with the death penalty again after stopping it for 20 years. They said it’s because of violence and big problems in some parts of the country.They explained that the death penalty will only be given for very serious crimes, like during war or in other really special situations. But many people are wondering if it’s the right decision.The government made this choice after arresting important people, like soldiers and politicians, who they say were helping rebel groups. That shows there are still big problems in some parts of Congo.

But many people aren’t happy about this decision. Some groups that protect people’s rights say it’s unfair, especially because Congo’s legal system already has problems. They’re worried that the death penalty will make things even more unfair in Congo.

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