Education : remarkable progress in Africa!


Did you know that in Africa, education is becoming increasingly important? It’s true! UNESCO and the African Union have decided that this year, 2024, will be special. They’re calling it « The Year of Education »! That means everyone wants all children to have a great education.

Audrey Azoulay, a UNESCO superhero, says it’s super important. She says education helps children become strong and chase their dreams. We can learn lots of interesting things and become whoever we want to be!

In Africa, many children are now going to school. Isn’t that great? We’ve learned that fewer and fewer children are staying at home instead of going to school. That means more children can learn to read, write, and count. It’s super important for being able to do lots of things in life!

But there are still some problems. Many children in Africa still aren’t going to school. And sometimes, even if they go to school, they have trouble reading or understanding. That’s sad, but we can change it!

For all children to go to school and learn, adults need help. They need money for books and classrooms. And they need super teachers to help children learn. Together, we can help make education awesome for all children in Africa!

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