The Mali, world champion of cotton !

Today, let’s talk about an incredible country that has won the world gold medal in a very special sport: cotton production. Can you guess which country it is? It’s Mali !

Imagine a world where cotton grows like magical trees, giving birth to soft and comfortable clothes. Well, in Mali, it’s a bit like that! Mali is a country located in West Africa, and it has a secret superpower: it is the world champion of cotton.

Now, you might wonder, « Why is Mali so good at cotton production? » Well, it’s because of the perfect combination of weather, fertile soils, and the expertise of Malian farmers. The sun shines bright, the rain waters the fields, and the farmers know exactly how to take care of their crops.

The cotton fields in Mali look like vast white oceans waving in the wind. Cotton plants produce small capsules filled with white fibers, called buds. These buds are like hidden treasures, and once harvested, they are transformed into magical threads that become our favorite clothes, soft as hugs.

Mali exports its cotton worldwide, allowing other countries to create quality clothing. It’s a bit like Mali sharing its superpowers with other countries so they can have fantastic clothes too!

But beware, cotton production is not just a competition. Malian farmers work hard to ensure everything goes well in their fields. They use environmentally friendly techniques and make sure the land remains fertile for future generations.

So there you have it, friends, Mali is the world champion of cotton, a fashion hero cultivating the magical fabric that makes our favorite clothes. The next time you put on your cozy t-shirt, remember that somewhere in Mali, talented farmers have worked hard so you can wear a piece of their cotton superpower!

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