juillet 18, 2024

Exploring african heritage : a new cultural hub in Bamako

Step into a new, extraordinary space in Bamako, Mali, where African traditions and cultures take center stage. Discover the significance of this place in preserving and celebrating our rich heritage, often overlooked or forgotten.

A new special place has just opened its doors in Bamako, Mali. It’s like a big house where we will learn a lot about African traditions and cultures. This place is very important because it will help us understand and protect our stories and customs, which are sometimes forgotten or neglected.

At the opening of this place, there were many important people from different African countries. They were all there to show how precious our traditions are and to share them with us.

Professor Mamadou Gnang will take care of this place. He will teach us many interesting things about our ancestors and what they believed. There will also be lessons on topics like fortune-telling and how to ward off evil spirits.

This place is like a guiding light that helps us find our way. It reminds us that our stories are important and that we must cherish and preserve them. It’s a place where children like you can come to learn and grow, understanding better who we are as Africans.

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