In burkina faso, Christians and Muslims build a chapel of unity together

Imagine a place where people of different religions work together to build a place of prayer. That’s exactly what happened in Burkina Faso, where Catholics and Muslims joined forces to erect the Saint-Jean Chapel in Bendogo. During the consecration ceremony, the Archbishop of Ouagadougou thanked the Muslim community for their valuable assistance.

During the ceremony, the Archbishop blessed the water, opened the doors of the chapel, and anointed the altar and the walls. He explained that these gestures meant that God officially took possession of the house of prayer. He also praised the special contribution of the Muslim community, emphasizing that God created all human beings equal.

In conclusion, the Archbishop expressed the wish that God would maintain unity, social cohesion, and love among the different communities. He also prayed for Burkina Faso, facing many challenges, to receive divine mercy. This chapel is much more than a place of prayer; it is a powerful symbol of unity and brotherhood among religions.

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