avril 18, 2024

Kenya : rhino rescue operation

In Kenya, a large-scale rhinoceros relocation project is underway to save these critically endangered animals from extinction.

In recent days, Kenyan authorities have started tracking and tranquilizing 21 rhinoceroses, each weighing over a ton, with the aim of relocating them. A previous attempt in 2018 had failed, leading to the death of all the animals.

The current project has also faced challenges. One rhinoceros was not subdued by a tranquilizer dart fired from a helicopter, but wildlife guards decided to release it to ensure its well-being. Officials emphasize that the project will take weeks to complete.

The group of black rhinos, consisting of males and females, will be moved from three parks to the private reserve of Loisaba Conservancy, providing more space for movement and reproduction. Kenya, once plagued by poaching, has successfully increased its black rhinoceros population to nearly 1000, the third-largest in the world.

According to Save The Rhino, there are only 6487 wild rhinoceroses left globally, all in Africa. Kenyan authorities have already relocated over 150 rhinoceroses in the last decade. They aim to boost the population to around 2000 individuals, considered ideal given the available space in national and private parks.

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