avril 22, 2024

Nigeria Says « No » to Ivory Trafficking to Protect Animals

Nigeria has destroyed 2.5 tons of ivory, valued at a significant amount, to show that the trafficking of wild animals is not allowed in the country. An important decision to put an end to the trafficking of wildlife.

The director of the Environmental Agency in Nigeria explained that this ivory had been taken from people who were illegally selling it in the country. They decided to destroy it so that everyone understands that trafficking wildlife is wrong.

« By destroying this ivory, we show that the trafficking of wild animals is not allowed in our country, » said the official.

Sometimes, people sell ivory illegally to use it in traditional medicine, jewelry making, or even as souvenirs. But Nigeria wants everyone to know that it’s bad for animals and for nature.

This action by Nigeria is crucial because it helps teach people that we must take care of nature and animals, as they are very important to our planet.

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