juillet 19, 2024

Perenco Tunisia : Operation planting 40,000 by 2026!

@Perenco Tunisie

Perenco Tunisia, working with oil and gas, has decided to plant trees! They aim to plant 40,000 by 2026. This is super important because our forests have been hurt by fires.

With the help of the General Directorate of Forests, Perenco Tunisia will plant these trees in the Sambar Forest at Jbel Abderrahmen, in a place called Menzel Temime. It’s in the Nabeul Governorate. They really want to help make our forests stronger! Perenco Tunisia is a special company. They have a kind of rule called « Corporate Social Responsibility » (CSR). It means they want to help people and nature.

They have four important rules: helping people feel strong (Empowerment), keeping them healthy (Health), building useful things (Structural Contributions), and protecting our natural world (Environment and Biodiversity). They’ve already done a lot of good things for our planet. Now, they’re focusing on trees. They want to plant them to help our environment recover and grow. It’s really great to see a company doing something good for our planet. Well done, Perenco Tunisia, for this wonderful initiative!

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