avril 22, 2024

Protecting our crops with technological magic!


Did you know there are voracious insects capable of devouring entire fields in no time? Fortunately, thanks to the magic of technology, superheroes are working together to protect us! Discover how InstaDeep and FAO have found a brilliant way to predict when these villainous insects, the desert locusts, will hatch, thus saving our crops!

Today, let’s meet two superheroes like no other: InstaDeep and FAO. They’ve come up with a cool trick to fight the villainous desert locusts, insects that eat everything in their path.

But who are these desert locusts?

They’re nasty insects that can eat as much food as 35,000 people in a day! And they can travel super fast, up to 1000 kilometers per week. Just imagine the disaster for our vegetable and fruit fields!

The magical solution: predicting egg hatching!

InstaDeep and FAO have used technological magic to predict when the eggs of these villainous insects will hatch. How? With super-smart machines that can understand how locusts are born and when they’ll arrive.

And how does it work?

They look at signs in nature, like temperature, humidity, and rainfall. With this information, they can guess when the baby locusts will emerge from their eggs. It’s like predicting when the villains will attack, to better stop them!

Why is it important?

Because if we know when the locusts will hatch, we can protect our fields before they arrive. We can use magical means to prevent them from eating our crops. That way, we can continue to have plenty of vegetables and fruits to eat, and we don’t have to worry about the villainous insects.

The magic of technology saves our crops!

Thanks to InstaDeep and FAO, our fields are safe! They’ve found a super-smart way to protect our crops from desert locusts. Now, we can continue to enjoy our favorite fruits and vegetables without fearing the villainous insects. The magic of technology is truly amazing!

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