The radio is 100 years old!

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Even though we have the Internet, over 4 billion people still listen to the radio. This year, World Radio Day celebrates its 100th anniversary with a special theme: « Radio: A Century of News, Laughter, and Education. »

UNESCO Director Audrey Azoulay explains that the radio has been with us for over 100 years. It teaches us things, makes us laugh, and helps us learn.

Radio is great because it reaches places where the Internet doesn’t go. In some areas, almost half of the people don’t have Internet. So, radio is really important, especially when there are problems.

In Afghanistan, for example, many girls can’t go to school. But a radio station called Radio Begum teaches girls important things. It’s a radio made by women, for women.

Radio also gives everyone a voice. It allows different cultures to express themselves. There are even special radios for different communities around the world.

For UNESCO, radio is more than just a way to talk. It’s also a way of saying that everyone should have access to news, education, and cultural diversity. Today, let’s celebrate radio and the magic of its waves to make the world better.

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