Abigail Ifoma wins the Margaret Junior Awards 2024 for her innovative MIA project!

A few days ago, at the Journée de la Femme Digital in Paris, 16-year-old Abigail Ifoma won the Margaret Junior Awards 2024 in the Africa category. Discover her incredible MIA (My Intelligent Assistant) project that makes medicine easier.

In 2020, the Margaret Junior Awards were created to highlight the talent of young girls aged between 7 and 18. The awards celebrate their inventive spirit and their ability to change the world through their ideas. This year’s Margaret Junior Awards 2024 heroines include Abigail Ifoma, a 16-year-old from Cameroon.

Abigail loves science and math, and she has an amazing idea called MIA (My Intelligent Assistant). MIA is a special app that helps doctors take care of patients, especially when they’re away from hospitals.

Thanks to MIA, doctors can measure patients’ temperature, blood pressure and even heart rate, even when they’re not in hospital. It’s like having a little doctor in your pocket!
Abigail’s project is very special because it uses a very advanced technology called the Internet of Things. This means that devices can talk to each other and help people stay healthy.

The Margaret Junior Awards 2024 show us that girls can do amazing things, and they are the leaders of tomorrow. Congratulations to Abigail and all the other heroines for their fantastic ideas!

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