Breakdancing at the 2024 Paris Olympics

Breakdancing will shine at the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris, joining other cool sports such as surfing, skateboarding, and climbing. Dancers from Nigeria, where breakdancing is popular, will represent their country in this special competition.

The French Embassy and the Fame Foundation in Nigeria organized a national championship to select the dancers who will showcase their incredible moves at the Olympics next summer in Paris. Last year, qualifications took place in various cities in Nigeria, and twenty incredibly talented dancers were selected.

All these dancers take great pride in their Nigerian style. When they dance, they proudly carry the groove, rhythm, and their culture. JC Jedor, a local breakdancing star, explains that the way Nigerians dance is more rhythm-based than technique-focused.

Breakdancing, a cool dance that originated in pop culture and was popularized by the king of pop, Michael Jackson, emerged in Nigeria in the late ’90s. Some Nigerians even claim that breakdancing has much older roots, dating back to the 1950s with traditional Nigerian dancers.

Today, more and more young Nigerians are drawn to breakdancing. Funsho Olokesusi, who runs a dance company in Kaduna, explains that for Nigerian dancers, participating in the Olympics is like seeing « a dream come true. » It’s a grand dance celebration they are thrilled to be a part of!

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