avril 18, 2024

Desks for children made with love and waste

@Twende Green Ecocycle

Imagine yourself on the sunny beaches near Mombasa, Kenya. The waves of the Indian Ocean gently crash onto the shore, but something else also washes up on the sand: tons of plastic waste. But don’t worry, a heroic young company called Twende Green Ecocycle is here to save the day!

Twende Green Ecocycle has a clear goal: to fight plastic pollution by collecting beach waste and transforming it into school furniture for the local children. Why? Because this plastic waste threatens marine life and pollutes our beautiful planet.

Since January 2023, Twende Green Ecocycle has been working to clean up the beaches and promote sustainable education. They collect plastic waste, wash it, and turn it into durable desks for schools.

Lawrence Kosgei, co-founder of Twende Green Ecocycle, explains: « This plastic waste could pollute the ocean, but we reuse it to make something useful in the community. By making these school desks from plastic waste, we preserve the environment and promote sustainable education. »

How do they do it? They shred and wash the collected plastics. Then, they mix them with other waste to make boards used in desk manufacturing.

Plastic pollution is a big problem, especially in low-income countries like Kenya. But thanks to initiatives like Twende Green Ecocycle, we can turn this waste into something positive for our children and the planet. So, the next time you sit at your desk, remember that you could be sitting on a wonderful story of recycling and resilience!

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