juillet 18, 2024

Exploring the Language School in Kenya !

@Global Partnership for Education

In a special school in Kenya, children embark on an incredible linguistic adventure! Imagine stepping into a classroom where every day you learn a new language – that’s what happens in this unique school.

Kenya is a beautiful country in East Africa. Did you know that there are 42 different languages spoken here? It’s amazing, isn’t it? Well, at this school, children learn 10 of these languages! It’s like traveling across the country without ever leaving the classroom.

At school, children learn to say « hello » and « thank you » in different languages. They sing fun songs and play games to practice what they’ve learned. Each language has its own special words and unique sounds. It’s so exciting to discover them!

Let’s take an example: have you ever heard of Swahili? It’s one of the most popular languages in Kenya. Children learn to say things like « jambo » (which means « hello ») and « asante » (which means « thank you »). They also learn about the culture and history behind each language.

By learning these languages, children in Kenya become true champions of linguistic diversity! They can communicate with more people and understand different cultures. It’s an incredible adventure that helps them grow and become global citizens.

At the Kenyan school, every day is a new linguistic adventure. Who knows which language they’ll learn tomorrow? It’s a school where diversity is celebrated, and where every child feels special. And who knows, maybe one day, you could join them for a fun and enriching learning day!

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