juillet 19, 2024

Kenya introduces a national reforestation holiday !

Hey there, curious minds!

Do you know what’s happening in Kenya? Something really amazing! The government there has just decided to create a special holiday all about planting trees! Isn’t that cool?

The big plan is to plant billions of trees all across the country. Why, you ask? Well, they want to fight against something called « climate change. » It’s like helping our planet stay healthy!

This awesome project will last for 10 whole years. And guess what? Every person in Kenya is asked to plant two trees. Can you imagine that? If everyone does this, they’ll reach a whopping number of 15 billion trees by the end of the project! That’s a whole lot of trees!

But wait, there’s more! The government is giving away over 150 million trees for free at public nurseries. Yep, that’s right! They want to make it super easy for everyone to join in and help out. The Environment Minister, Soipan Tuya, said this is a real way for Kenyans to take action!

So, why are trees so important? Well, trees are like the superheroes of our planet. They give us clean air to breathe, help animals have homes, and even keep our rivers healthy! Planting more trees means making our world a better place for everyone.

Imagine, with all these new trees, Kenya is going to be even more beautiful! It’s like giving a big, green hug to our planet.

Isn’t it awesome how everyone in Kenya is working together to make a real difference for the Earth? It’s a fantastic example of how we can all do our part to take care of our amazing home!

Let’s cheer for Kenya and their incredible tree-planting adventure! Who knows, maybe more countries will join in and make our world a greener, happier place for everyone.

Until next time, keep thinking green and loving our planet!

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