Girls Belong in Science!

Today is a special day where we celebrate girls and women who love science! Did you know that science isn’t just for boys? The Secretary-General of the UN, Mr. António Guterres, tells us that girls are just as important as boys in the world of science. But sometimes, girls struggle to become scientists because of certain rules and thoughts that say boys are better. It’s sad because we need everyone’s brilliant ideas to make our world better!

Mr. Guterres tells us that today, only one-third of scientists are women. That’s not fair! Girls are just as smart and creative as boys. But sometimes, they don’t have enough money to do science, or they don’t have the same opportunities as boys. That’s unfair, isn’t it?

In some places, girls can’t even go to school to learn science. It’s like telling them that their intelligence doesn’t matter. But Mr. Guterres says that every girl should have the chance to learn science and become a great scientist if she wants to. It’s her right!

Mr. Guterres says that for girls to have the same opportunities as boys, we need to change our ideas about what girls can do. Girls can be great scientists, inventors, doctors—anything they want! But for that to happen, we need to encourage girls to love science from a young age. We also need to help women scientists succeed in their work.

So today, let’s remember that girls are bright stars in the world of science. They can change the world with their ideas and inventions. It’s time for everyone to recognize that girls have a special place in science and to help them shine even brighter!

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