juillet 19, 2024

Kigali Triennale 2024 : a celebration of African contemporary art

In Kigali, Rwanda, something extraordinary is happening right now! The Kigali Triennale 2024 has opened its doors, and it’s a festival of African modern art like never seen before. With the theme « Convergence of Arts, » artists from all over Africa showcase their incredible creations that speak about life in Africa today.

There’s so much to see at the Triennale! Paintings, sculptures, photographs, and even digital works – all of it tells stories about who we are, where we come from, and where we’re going. Artists talk about important subjects like identity, the environment, and technology.

But the Triennale isn’t just for looking at artworks. It’s also a place for talking, listening, and learning. There are discussions, workshops, and debates where everyone can participate. It’s a big party where you can meet people, share ideas, and have fun together.

The Kigali Triennale wants to show the whole world how amazing African art is. It’s an event where everyone is welcome – art lovers, collectors, and even the curious! This first edition is the beginning of an exciting new adventure for art in Africa. Join us to see, learn, and dream together!

To learn more : https://kigalitriennial.com/

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