Let’s protect Burkina Faso’s children : a new vaccine against malaria!

Hey friends!

Exciting news from Burkina Faso! Do you know what malaria is? It’s a sickness that can make people very unwell, especially kids. But don’t worry, the government of Burkina Faso has found a super solution to keep us safe!

Imagine a superhero fighting malaria. Well, this hero is called the RTS,S vaccine! Dr. Robert Kargougou, a very kind doctor, said that this vaccine is like a magic sword that can protect us against malaria. Awesome, right?

This vaccine has already been tested in other countries like Ghana, Malawi, and Kenya, and it worked really well! Now, it’s our turn to use it to protect ourselves.

In the city of Koudougou, kids who are five months old will get this special vaccine. And guess what? That’s just the beginning! Soon, over 218,000 more kids will also get the chance to be protected in other parts of the country.

So, friends, it’s an incredible adventure! We’re going to become superheroes by getting this vaccine. No more sickness, no more worries. Long live the RTS,S vaccine and long live health for all the children of Burkina Faso!

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