juillet 19, 2024

Success Story : Iskander Amamou and his « SM Drone »!

@Successfull Tunisia

Today, we’re sharing the extraordinary story of Iskander Amamou, an 11-year-old Tunisian boy who built his own drone.

Imagine a young boy with a big idea. Iskander dreamed of constructing his own drone, and guess what? He did it! His drone is called the « SM Drone, » and it’s truly impressive.

Iskander worked hard to make his dream a reality. He learned everything he could about drones, gathered the necessary parts, and spent a lot of time assembling his invention. And today, he had the opportunity to showcase his work at the entrepreneurs’ fair. It’s truly an example of perseverance and determination.

This story teaches us the importance of dreaming big, working hard, and believing in ourselves. No matter our age, we can accomplish great things if we put our minds and hearts into what we do.

So, the next time you have a great idea, don’t be afraid to pursue it. Like Iskander, you might achieve something incredible!

Congratulations, Iskander! May your dream continue to take you to new heights!

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