avril 18, 2024

The African Jazz Festival : a music celebration for everyone!

The second edition of the International Jazz and African Culture Festival (Fijca) is about to kick off in Côte d’Ivoire! Picture this: amazing music, infectious rhythms, and lots of happy people coming together to celebrate.

Constant Boty, a fantastic jazz musician, explained why this festival is so important. He said jazz was created by brave individuals who were once slaves. They turned their pain into incredible music in New York, making it the jazz capital. Constant Boty became a famous jazz artist after studying music in Côte d’Ivoire and the United States. Now, he wants to share his passion with the young people of his country.

This festival isn’t just about jazz; it’s also about other fantastic music styles like coupé-décalé and zouglou. There will be plenty to do during the festival, like attending concerts, participating in masterclasses to learn from great musicians, and much more!

The event will start on April 27th and end on May 1st, 2024, at the Jesse Jackson Stadium in Yopougon. Imagine yourself dancing to the coolest tunes with your friends and family! There will be Ivorian and American artists like VDA, the Kamikaz of Zouglou, the Woody, John Kiffy, and even a special concert by artist Benito Gonzalez, all the way from the United States.

So, get ready for an incredible musical adventure at Fijca! Come and enjoy the music, the dance, and the friendship. It’s a party you’ll never forget!

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