avril 23, 2024

A mural to combat desertification

Today, let’s talk about a fantastic idea to fight against desertification and drought. It’s like a magical game that will help us understand these big words.

The « Desertification Mural » was introduced a few months ago. It was created by very serious organizations dedicated to saving the planet, such as the CGIAR Accelerate for Impact Platform and the startup Sand to Green, with the support of the president of COP15 Desertification and the participation of the Senegalese Reforestation Agency and the Great Green Wall.

It’s a bit like a super fun card game, inspired by another game called the « Climate Mural. » This special game will teach us many things about desertification and drought.

Imagine playing cards and at the same time discovering why the land becomes dry and why it causes problems. This game talks about the causes of these things, like climate change happening rapidly, how it affects farmers who grow our food, and even why sometimes it’s hard to have water. It also discusses the migrations of animals and plants and why nature can become a bit sad.

By playing this Magical Mural, we can learn how to help the planet and make our world happier. So, are you ready to play and save the day? 🌍

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