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« Lilani: in search of the treasure » – two sisters create an exciting adventure!

Designed for children aged 5 to 10, this tale takes Lilani and her cousins on mysterious and fun adventures, blending traditions, stories, and dreams of the future. Illustrated by Oumar Diop, this book promises a journey full of imagination and discoveries for young readers!

A treasure is hidden in the village of Ba Safal. Will Lilani and her friends find it? The amusing and mysterious adventures of a mischievous little girl. Life in the Manjak village of Ba Safal is never dull. Lilani and her cousins Anta, Flora, Kaiss, and Liam are constantly involved in mysterious adventures.

Between traditions, mystical stories, and wacky situations, Anna and Yamma Gomis, two sisters who love to write, have created an awesome book for kids! It’s called « Lilani: In Search of the Treasure. » This super cool book narrates the adventures of Lilani, a girl from the Manjak village in Guinea Bissau, and her cousins Anta, Flora, and Liam. They always find themselves immersed in mysterious and fun adventures.

The book is an exciting mix of traditions, stories, mysteries, and funny situations where Lilani and her four cousins unleash their imagination. On the back cover, we discover that Lilani dreams of becoming a journalist-reporter and even uses her phone for investigations.

Oumar Diop has added fantastic illustrations to the book and is also a co-author. Anna Gomis, the literary and artistic director, is passionate about literature. She has already created other series, including « Renaissance, » which is highly appreciated in Senegal. If you want to have fun with Lilani and her cousins, this is the perfect book for you! 📖✨

« Lilani: In Search of the Treasure, » 11/30/2023, Saaraba Editions, 54 pages

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